Bottle Cap Launcher Pistol

Bottle Cap Launcher Pistol


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Popping bottles has never been so much fun!


There are some creative ways to open bottles.. With a key, with a spoon, even a dollar bill – but have you ever opened a bottle with a gun, and then fired the cap off into the trash?! We’re going to guess the answer is probably not!


Arm the spring-loaded pistol, pop your bottle, the magnetic housing will catch the cap and you’re then free to fire the cap off into the distance! Reinvent beer pong, aim for the bin, make a target and have a bottle-pop-off – ultimately, take your drinking games to the next level with this awesome pistol-whipping bottle opener.



  • Bottle opener
  • Spring-loaded firing action
  • Magnetic bottle cap catcher
  • Bottle cap launcher
  • Pistol grip and trigger for easy firing (anyone can use it!)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not aim at humans or animals – fast moving bottle caps can cause serious injury if misused and we will not be held responsible for any damage caused.

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