LED iPhone Lightning Charge Cable

LED iPhone Lightning Charge Cable

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A Game-Changing Charging Cable


iPhone charge cables have become notorious for a number of reasons.. They break at the seals, snap, cables pull and become exposed and dangerous, they tangle, get tied in knots – the list goes on. Allow us to introduce a solution to these problems: this LED braided Lightning cable.


Tested to withstand over 10,000 bends, you can rest assured your new cable will not split for a very long time! Bound in a super-tough braided Nylon construction, the cable will withstand all kinds of punishment, no matter how often you charge or sync your phone! Although flexible, the cable is slightly stiff compared with a standard charging cable, meaning tangles and knots almost never occur.


Ever got cosy in bed and then realised your phone is running low on power? The ‘fumble around the floor and under the bed’ dance begins, with your charger having seemingly disappeared into thin air, never to be found again – we’ve all been there. Well, again, allow us to solve this problem: an LED attachment to the tip of the Lightning cable. The light is a game changer.. Not only does it make it super easy to find the cable in the dark, it also means you don’t spend 5 minutes trying to find the charge port at the bottom of your phone to plug it into, scratching and damaging your expensive and stylish device – you’ll know exactly where it goes and will never miss!


Don’t worry, the light isn’t a miniaturised red giant, harnessed from the depths of the cosmos; bright enough to find in the dark, yet not so bright as to keep you awake all night, the light provides enough light without being blinding when you need to use the bathroom at 2am.



  • Suitable for any iDevice with a Lightning port
  • Nylon braided tough cable
  • Tested to withstand over 10,000 bends
  • Fast charging and data transfer (2A / 480Mbps)
  • LED light tip
  • Tangle and knot resistant
  • 1M length

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