Stainless Steel Bottle Popper

Stainless Steel Bottle Popper


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Pop Bottles With Ease


Some people just make opening bottles look so difficult.. It can be tough to open your friend’s beer with style and grace, especially if you’re used to a screw top, but there’s really no need to worry about entertaining guests anymore thanks to this nifty little device.


Here’s a step by step tp opening bottles with this awesome little gadget:

Step 1: Press bottle opener firmly onto top of bottle

Step 2: Drink beverage.


Nope, we didn’t miss any steps there; it’s literally a case of pressing the opener onto the top of your bottle and voil√† – your bottle is open and ready to be enjoyed.


Imagine the look on your friend’s faces (especially those who have seen you struggle in the past, or those who struggle themselves) when you grab the beers out of the fridge and POP POP POP – beers for everyone. Leave everyone speechless with your style and unimaginable ability the pop bottles like an absolute pro!


Made from stainless steel, there’s no worry of it getting damaged or scratched, or of it rusting from the inevitable split drinks on it – this thing is built to stand the test of both time, and of all your jealous friends when they call dibs on opening the bottles next (bottle popping contest intensifies)!



  • The EASIEST bottle opener in the world
  • Stainless steel for durability
  • Opens any standard non-screw glass bottle
  • Awesome compact design
  • Small enough to throw in with the utensils


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