Travel Dog Water Bottle/Bowl

Travel Dog Water Bottle/Bowl


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Keep Your Dog Hydrated On Their Adventures!


It’s not always easy to find water for your dog to drink on an adventure.. Sure, in the park there might be a tap, a dirty bowl, a trough to drink from, but what about in the wild when you’re scaling mountains and mapping undiscovered lands?! Okay, maybe we got carried away.. But seriously, when you’re off the beaten track, it can be tough to find clean drinking water for your pooch.


This handy contraption allows you to carry water around for your furry friend in a bottle, just like you would for yourself. To make things even better, it also has an awesome little bowl attached to the end, with a button-activated spout to release water as required! Just hit the button, fill the bowl and let your doggo hydrate to their hearts content. Once they’re done, you can even let the water run back into the bottle for later to save wasting any!

No more pouring water into your hands and spilling everywhere or sharing your bottle with your dog, this way they can have their own water bottle.


The bottle is easy to clean – just throw it in the dishwasher or use hot soapy water. It’s tough, holds enough water for any size adventure-dog (350ml / 550ml) and reduces wastage, meaning the water lasts longer on those big hikes. The push-button allows just enough water to fill the bowl attachment, if your pupper is still thirsty, simply release some more! A super handy strap also allows you to attach it to almost anything.


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  • Dog travel water bottle
  • Drinking bowl attachment
  • Regulated button-operated water spout
  • Easy-clean
  • Available in 3 colours
  • 2 sizes available (350ml / 550ml)
  • Attachment strap
  • Refillable / reusable


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