Ultrasonic Dog Trainer

Ultrasonic Dog Trainer

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Stop Dogs Barking at the Push of a Button!

Is your neighbour’s dog barking all day and night? Or maybe you’ve been trying for months to train your dog out of barking at the slightest movement outside?! We might just have the solution for you with this ultrasonic dog trainer.

Completely harmless and safe to use, this dog training tool uses ultrasonic sound waves to discourage bad behaviour in dogs and let them know when they should stop something. These tools are incredibly useful for both training and, when required, punishment. With 2 sound wave settings, you can use a lesser powered wave to let your dog know they’re wrong – remembering to always praise your dog when they are doing right, of course. The higher powered sound wave will be a short, sharp blast, which will stop your dog in their tracks, and ensure they won’t continue with what they’re doing, without harming the dog in any way.

Beside the sound wave functionality of this dog trainer, there is also a handy torch for walking your dog at night, or helping to find your dog’s ‘business’ in the dark (we’ve all been there)!


  • Ultra sonic dog training device
  • 2x sound wave frequencies / power modes
  • Built in torch
  • Wrist strap attachment
  • 3x colour variations
  • Lightweight construction
  • Powered by 1x 9V battery (not included)
  • Effective to 5-10m

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