Unbreakable Wine Glass

Unbreakable Wine Glass

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Never Break A Wine Glass Again!


It’s unavoidable – you have friends over for a get-together, the wine is flowing, you’re having a good time, and inevitably someone knocks a glass over – it smashes into a million pieces and you spend the next 30 mins sweeping and vacuuming, trying not to get glass stuck in your feet.


Enter: the unbreakable wine glass. Made from moulded silicon, you can knock, bash, throw, fold or bend these without ever worrying of painful accidents. Drink your favourite beverage to your heart’s content without fear of breakages – although we can’t guarantee someone won’t knock one over and spill their drink!


Perfect for parties, picnics or even children (when they want to pretend they’re one of the adults!*), you can cram these into your bag or stuff them in your pockets – they’ll pop right out and be ready hold your drink straight away.



  • Unbreakable silicone moulded
  • Frosted white or red colors
  • Sturdy stem to ensure no leaning
  • Odourless – will not taint your drink**
  • Suitable for hot and cold beverages
  • Washable, reusable
  • Perfect for picnic or parties
  • 5.5 x 5.5 x 11cm in size


* Hopefully it goes without saying – you should never give alcohol to minors. Age restrictions vary by country, please obey your local laws – we do not condone the serving of alcohol to anyone underage

** Glasses require washing before use

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